Mashed Potatoes with Leek

Under 30 minutes!

There’s that comfort that only a nice mash can give! Its creaminess, smoothness, and ability to be the absolutely perfect side to most foods.

what to expect!

This recipe is so easy and delicious, you’ll have a scrumptious side dish ready in no time


– 800 g peeled and cubed white potatoes – 200 g thinly sliced leek separate the green from the white part – 15 g Butter – salt to taste – black pepper to taste

Step 1

Boil the veggies for the leek mashed potato

Peel and chop the vegetables


Boil them until cooked


Drain and set aside


Step 2

Final steps to cook the leek mashed potato

Melt the butter


Add sliced leeks


Sautee until golden-brown


Add boiled leek and potato


Mash potato and leek


Leek Mashed Potato Recipe ready under 30 minutes. Enjoy!


Your Aha! Moment

Only 252 calories in this Potato and Leek Mash

Based on a comparison of 155 countries in 2018, China ranked the highest in potato consumption with 60,964 kt followed by India and USA.

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