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This Tabata Workout Compilation carries a long introduction – quite motivational if you ask me – so I apologize in advance for it! 

As you may know, I haven’t been fit for a long time. 

I started my journey (I know, a very overused word these days!) in 2017 when I was very obese and I never thought I could walk fast, leave alone jump! 

Going to the gym has kept me motivated, seeing my friends getting fitter with me, looking up to very hard-working ladies, who found time for the gym although they are researchers, mothers, teachers, social workers, retails workers, made me understand that no matter what, I too had some time during the week to take care of myself. 

Taking care of myself, in 2017, meant suffering. Am I exaggerating? Probably, looking back, yes, but how I was feeling then – that was suffering, but I kept going, because as one of my group trainers said ‘’This pain is for now, the results are forever.’’ 

Now, I am not sure how long those and these results would last if I gave up healthy eating and exercising for good, but I know I do not want to feel that way again, how I did before October 2017.  

I love feeling agile (most of the time – do not ask me how I feel after my Christmas meal!), light, energetic, active, beautiful, fierce, strong, powerful. That is how completing a session at the gym or at home makes me feel, and I deserve – you deserve – to feel that way. 

Tabata is a full-on workout. It spares nobody. It will use every single last drop of energy you have. 


Tabata will make you love it! 

Here is my usual mini selection of favorites, the ones I have tried and have found worked the best for me at different times in my weight loss journey, but not only. 

Have a look, have a read… and go! 

12-Minute Full Body Tabata Workout | Tabata Songs

This little 12-Minute Video is deceitful. How bad can 12 minutes be? Well, they will feel like a whole one-hour workout! 

No equipment is needed (except for the yoga mat if you like!) and a short break between exercises is included in the total length. Use this video when you are in a rush or pair it up with one that focuses on a specific area, like abs (Check this out: Abs Videos Exercise – No Equipment | Exercising at Home) and make it a bit of a longer, very sweaty, session. 

30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata to Torch Calories

I am partial to POPSUGAR Fitness. This is one of my – if not my – preferred channels, so pardon me if many of my lists include one of their videos. 

This workout is one of my favorites and I’ve done it many times, but it doesn’t get any easier. Keaira is fun, energetic, and has some fun moves to make this half an hour fly! Short breaks are included between moves and by the end of it, you’ll be sweating in a very Hip-Hop kind of way! 

40 Minute No Equipment Needed Total Body Tabata Burnout Workout | Summertime Fine 2.0 - Day 88

This is a new video for me and, believe me, I’ll have to find the courage to do it again. This is one tough workout! There are no breaks in this forty-minute conditioning and you will live your time in blocks of 10 and 20 seconds, alternatively. 

No equipment is needed and you are in trouble! 

Remember to breathe as you see the countdown on the screen and celebrate at the end of it… as you’ve done great if you got all the way there! 


Which one of the above did you dare to try? Which one is your favorite? 

Do you follow any particular Tabata videos? If so, please share the link, as I’d like to try it as well! 

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