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When I started exercising I was 118.9kg (which equals to about 262 pounds) and I hated moving… never did I think that I would now be enjoying Salsa Aerobics as I… 


Absolutely HATED… 




Jay and I live 5 minutes walk from the station. Only 5 minutes! Yet… even just getting there in the morning to go to work, was tiring for me. At that point, I had to leave home 10 minutes earlier, because I couldn’t do the walk that now takes me 4-5 minutes in a decent amount of time. It took me at least 8 minutes, and if those were the minutes left for the train, well… I would have taken the next one.

I was slow, tired (most of the time) and feeling lazy (all the time).


When I started exercising constantly, it was after many failed attempts at doing it myself, alone. Only when in October 2017 I joined the gym, I became regular at moving and exercising.


I do realize that not everyone can go to the gym, some may even be scared (believe me, I was!), some may not have the transportation necessary, time, money… you name it.


This is why I have created this space on the blog… a little list of videos I’ve done and enjoyed at home. Most of these have been tested during the lockdown, holidays, or when short on time to go to the gym. 


Salsa Aerobics


This specific list is about Salsa Aerobics, one of my favorite classes I take at the gym, and as well one of the classes I look up the most online as well!


The energy of the music and the instructors is contagious, so much so, that time will fly while following any of the below… and you will sweat and have fun at the same time, without even realizing it’s time to cool down.


Let me know which one is your favorite!


As most of my workouts have been found on free platforms, such as PopSugar Fitness, you may find below the video in the link, the one for that specific instructor’s website.

Nicole Steen’s 30 Minute Salsa Aerobics Workout

I’ve done this workout so many times I lost count, yet it remains one of my favorite of all times! 


Nicole Steen is made of steel but dances energetically, yet gracefully! 


 ~~Looking to do something a bit harder next time? Try one of these great Tabata Workouts

StepFlix Salsa Aerobics Cardio Fitness

If you are just starting and don’t feel too comfortable shaking it yet… this is the video for you!


The beach in the background, the easy to follow and repeat steps, and the 20-minute total length, are ideal for any beginner (and not)! 


 ~~ Looking to top up this workouot? Get your arms toned with one of these videos

375 Dance Studio - 15 Minute Beginner Dance Workout

If you feel like you are ready to advance to a more varied choreography, this is an excellent video!


It is not too long, and it can be done if you are in a rush or as an add on. 


 ~~ Why don’t pair this workout with one of these videos to help you reduce belly fat


I hope you enjoyed this little selection I’ve put together.


Let me know if you feel like you can shake it a bit better after any of these spectacular yet easy to follow and extremely entertaining workouts


 ~~ Looking for something to make you sweat a river? Have a look at these HIIT Video Workouts

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