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The inner-thigh requires specific exercises to get firm, although those are muscles we use for many more movements than we even imagine. 


These muscles help you maintain your balance and allow you to move safely even when you are walking, turning, or bending, therefore they are crucial for one’s wellbeing; these muscles, called adductors, are also essential for stabilizing the knees, hips, the core and lower back and they are made up of five different muscles, which are attached to the hip (pelvic bone) and femur (thigh bone). 

How to get rid of inner-thigh fat? 


More often than not, when starting a routine to exercise these muscles specifically, this is done for beauty reasons, as we try to achieve fitter, firmer legs and these are some exercises that are mainly followed in such circumstances: 


Lateral Lounges: they strengthen quads, glutes, and hamstrings, while also working on reducing the fat in the outer and inner thighs. 


Sumo Squats: they tone and strengthen the legs, while also increasing flexibility in the joints. 


Ballet Plie’: this move may seem almost identical to the just mentioned sumo squat, but it involves (optional) holding onto a surface (chair, bar, table, etc) for balance while maintaining the legs in a narrower position. 


Side Step-Ups: this exercise allows the inner thigh to workout, while also stabilizing the knee. 


Additional exercises that are frequently performed for losing inner-thigh fat are courtesy lounges, skaters, supine inner thigh lifts, or performing lounges or squats with additional weights.


In everyday life, to engage and burn fat in that specific area, one can walk or run uphill, as these movements will keep those muscles in the inner-thighs engaged throughout the climb. 


According to studies, while exercises can target a specific area for toning, weight loss is a balance between diet and exercise and you won’t be able to lose weight or fat in a specific area. 

As usual, please find below some of the videos I enjoy the most featuring inner thigh exercises; most of these are quite quick and I add them to another routine, but if you are lacking time and are in a rush, these inner thigh workouts are a great way of incorporating some toning

10 min Inner Thigh Pilates Workout // Lengthen & Tone // Lean Legs with Sanne Vloet

Sanne is just lovely! This whole workout is 11 minutes long and practiced on the floor, so as long as you have a yoga mat you are ready to go! 


She explains the exercises patiently and thoroughly and they are all very simple, yet effective.


Looking at her and Sami exercise is like looking at mermaids in water: they’re so delicate and coordinated! 


This workout is new, so I’ve just done it once so far, but I did love it and would recommend it! 


This is a very nice and easy workout, but you will feel it the day after! 


It lasts only 15 minutes and also the resting exercises use every single inner thigh muscle you have; the main aim of these exercises is to tighten the muscles in the inner thigh and glutes without any jumping involved.


They recommend incorporating this routine a couple of times per week, but I am the first one to change up videos every time, so I will follow this workout again (also because I’d love to achieve the results she has), but probably in a couple of weeks, after following different ones in between! 


Consider perhaps doing some warming up and cooling down exercises before and after this video if you are doing it on its own. 


Lucy is absolutely lovely and friendly and her approach in this video will make you feel like you are having a 1-2-1, private session with her. 


This inner thigh workout video is only 10 minutes long and divided in two: first one side and then the other… easier than that?


Well, it does look easy to start with, but it is hardcore and she will make you work for it, but it will be worth it! 



Which inner-thigh workout will you do?


Which one do you prefer? 


Do you follow any other inner-thigh workouts? If so, please share the link, I’d love to try them out myself! 


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 ~~ Balancing off the inner thigh workout with some arms? These videos will be right for you! 

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