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Indoor walking exercise videos to do at home are becoming more and more popular, and this should be of no surprise especially in cold countries. 


Walking comes with multiple health benefits such as improved cardiovascular (heart) and pulmonary (lungs) systems, as well as increased bone health and balance; should you wish to read more about the benefits of walking and its alternatives, you can read our Walking Information blog


Walking is an excellent way of easing into exercise as well as a good activity to integrate with other activities if one has already a more evolved fitness routine. 

How many calories burned walking a mile? The main variables for this type of exercise are the weight of the person and the speed at which the person is walking.


As a general rule of thumb, a person weighing 180lbs will burn about 100 calories walking a mile, while someone weighing 120lbs will burn about 65 calories; this shows how the speed of the walk matters less than the weight of the person. 


During the winter or when I’ve been lazy, I try to get some extra steps by doing some indoor walking; when I started looking into this activity I was surprised about how many different videos are available online! 10-20 or even 30-minute walking workout video and exercises everywhere! It did take me some time to narrow down my favorite ones, but here they go… I hope you find them as good as I do! 

Indoor Walking Workout (15 Minutes) | Holly Dolke

This is a great video and the one I’ve followed the most and have recommended to my friends as well! This workout is only 15 minutes long, with 30-second walks and 30 seconds of toning – so there’s no chance of getting bored.


You can use this video as a starting point, to start getting some steps in, or as an add on – perhaps with some more targeted exercises. If you’re looking for inspiration, you may find it on our Move: Exercise at Home page! 

30 Minute FAT BURNING CARDIO Indoor Walking Workout | Low Impact!

What a great video!


This is great if you are a total beginner, if you’re in need of something easier during the week, or want to feel fabulous at 50, 60, 70… Shelly is so positive and I wish this video was around when I was over 260lbs! She’s welcoming, friendly and this is a video that is low impact, so don’t be shy and give it a go… 30 minutes will fly by! 

FAST Walking Workout | 5000 Steps in 36 minutes | Walk to the Beat

Rick’s approach to indoor walking is unique! He is entertaining and this video tells you from the start what the main point of your walk-out (see what I did there?) is… reach 5000 steps! He puts some punches and sidesteps into the routine, which is easy, quick, dance-y, fight-y, happy… trust me, it’s a good one, as it is entertaining till the last step. 


What is your favorite video? Do you use any other ones? If so, please share the link below, as I’d like to try it as well! 


Happy walkin’! 

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