Healthy meals and recipes for weight loss

Feed the Need - Healthy Meals for Weight-Loss

If you are on a weight-loss journey and are starting to plan your healthy meals for weight-loss, you well know that what you are trying to do is shift from feeding yourself whatever to feeding the need your body, your mind and your soul have. 

Eating well doesn’t mean giving up on everything you love, it means to find a balance that keeps you and your body happy… and that balance is called moderation

In this section you will find a lot of useful information on how you can make swaps for healthy recipes, build a tasty healthy meal to support your weight-loss, make the choices that will help you in the long term and feed those desires you have (sneaky peek: chocolate is not off limits!)… plus much more! 

Whether you want to start with meal prep, are looking for low-carb vegetables or would like to know more about keeping your body hydrated, and anything in between… Feed the Need is the right page for you!

My Personal Favorites

This opening statement, this blog… they have been a long time coming. 


While looking from afar, I am sure my life does not appear as anything else but ordinary (there were probably three moments that changed the course of my story), some choices I made I hope will encourage change for better health for others, as much as they have for me. 


As any well-respected story, this is how it starts… 


Once upon a time in the late ’80s… 


But that would make this page way too long and way too boring, so flash forward… 




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