Arms Exercises Videos – No Equipment | Exercising at Home

strong arms

Arms Exercises Videos can sound boring and hard, but… After years of being overweight and lazy, I was (and still am quite a bit) left with the infamous bat wings! And I am fed up! At the beginning of my weight loss, that part of my body felt soft, fluffy, and looked right awful. There […]

Squat | Information and Muscles Used


When talking – or even thinking – about strength exercises, it is almost impossible to ignore the almighty squat! When starting to exercise some things are better we take into consideration, so here’s a little article on what this is. What?  To squat, the person in training is lowering their hips from the standing position […]

Salsa Aerobics Video Exercises | Exercising at Home

Salsa Aerobics Photo by Diego Rosa on Unsplash

When I started exercising I was 118.9kg (which equals to about 262 pounds) and I hated moving… never did I think that I would now be enjoying Salsa Aerobics as I… Absolutely HATED…  ANY FORM OF EXERCISE! Jay and I live 5 minutes walk from the station. Only 5 minutes! Yet… even just getting there […]

Walking | Information and Exercise Variables


Walking… As it is something we do every day without thinking, we may forget, or even ignore the benefits of a good walk, especially in nature. It can improve our wellbeing on so many levels, both physical and psychological, adding it to our routine is a great idea, even if starting with a stroll around […]