Best Biceps Exercises with Dumbbells or Weights | Exercise at Home

biceps workout with dumbbells samuel-girven-VJ2s0c20qCo-unsplash

Biceps exercises, what a great way to feel like a real bodybuilder! As for many others, after losing weight I had (and still have) arms that, although strong, feel soft and empty; this, unfortunately, translates into very unflattering bat wings and the only way to get this under control is to make sure the area […]

Inner-Thigh Exercises Videos | Exercise at Home

inner-thigh workout -bruno-horwath-rSUeHOMrhZs-unsplash

The inner-thigh requires specific exercises to get firm, although those are muscles we use for many more movements than we even imagine. These muscles help you maintain your balance and allow you to move safely even when you are walking, turning, or bending, therefore they are crucial for one’s wellbeing; these muscles, called adductors, are […]

3 Simple Lower Back Exercises to do at Home | How to Strengthen the Lower Back

lower back exercises

Lower back exercises that strengthen that specific area of the body are a very good way of helping to reduce and prevent lower back pain while strengthening the legs, arm muscles, and core.  Studies suggest that such exercises may not only reduce or avoid pain but may also reduce the stiffness of the area and […]

Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Workout Videos | Exercise at Home

Belly Fat

How to lose belly fat is one of the most researched keywords when talking about diets and exercises, yet it is mostly considered for visual purposes only. While looking good is one of the great consequences of losing belly fat, decreasing the risk of diabetes and cancer are surely two of the best reasons to […]

Indoor Walking Workout Videos | Exercise at Home


Indoor walking exercise videos to do at home are becoming more and more popular, and this should be of no surprise especially in cold countries. Walking comes with multiple health benefits such as improved cardiovascular (heart) and pulmonary (lungs) systems, as well as increased bone health and balance; should you wish to read more about […]

HIIT Workout Videos | No Equipment | Exercise at Home


What is HIIT Training? What does HIIT mean, except for sweat and tears? Well, HIIT workout stands for High-Intensity Interval Training; a typical HIIT timer has a set number of high-intensity exercises separated by low-intensity intervals. As per all workouts, it is highly recommended that before the workout one follows a warmup and after the […]

Tabata Workout Videos | No Equipment | Exercise at Home


This Tabata Workout Compilation carries a long introduction – quite motivational if you ask me – so I apologize in advance for it! As you may know, I haven’t been fit for a long time. I started my journey (I know, a very overused word these days!) in 2017 when I was very obese and […]

Abs Videos Exercise – No Equipment | Exercising at Home


I dream of abs! You can twist it and turn it as you wish, when a big weight loss happens it is very hard to get a flat belly. Nearly impossible I’d say. No matter how hard I work, how little carbs I eat, I am not happy with my belly, have not been. Ever. […]

Arms Exercises Videos – No Equipment | Exercising at Home

strong arms

Arms Exercises Videos can sound boring and hard, but… After years of being overweight and lazy, I was (and still am quite a bit) left with the infamous bat wings! And I am fed up! At the beginning of my weight loss, that part of my body felt soft, fluffy, and looked right awful. There […]

Salsa Aerobics Video Exercises | Exercising at Home

Salsa Aerobics Photo by Diego Rosa on Unsplash

When I started exercising I was 118.9kg (which equals to about 262 pounds) and I hated moving… never did I think that I would now be enjoying Salsa Aerobics as I… Absolutely HATED…  ANY FORM OF EXERCISE! Jay and I live 5 minutes walk from the station. Only 5 minutes! Yet… even just getting there […]