Egg and Chicken Club Sandwich Recipe | How to make Club Sandwich healthy?


I do love a club sandwich! Picture this: you’re sitting in the garden or by the beach, a nice palm is providing you with some shade; you have a nice cold beverage in one hand (sugar cane water, perhaps?) and a glorious club sandwich in the other. What more can one want from life? Oh, […]

Schezwan Sauce | Homemade Indo Chinese Hot Sauce Recipe


Schezwan Sauce is one of those sauces everybody needs to try to believe how tasty and versatile it is… the best hot sauce! Jay loves it! He uses it to make fried rice, wraps, as a side dip… you name it, he most probably uses it. But, what is Schezwan Sauce? Schezwan Sauce is a […]

Egg Sandwich with Indian Masala | Egg Sandwich Recipe


An Egg Sandwich Recipe for breakfast? Honestly, I thought that people had an egg for breakfast just when staying in hotels, no kidding! I grew up having whole meal biscuits or cereals for breakfast (and the occasional croissant with apricot jam when at a cafeteria) and it never, ever, even by mistake, crossed my mind […]

Potato or Aloo Masala Flatbread with Green Chutney | Vegan


Flatbread is the BEST! Why? There are very few things as good as food you can eat with your hands in front of a good movie. Or while socializing. Or… any food you can eat with your hands – end of. I would definitely classify that as one of the great pleasures in life!  There’s […]

Chicken Tikka Baguettes with Green Chutney Dressed Crunchy Salad

chicken sandwich

Chicken Tikka brings back loads of memories! Restaurants these days are trying to modernize everything, mixing the new food with traditional one. While sometimes this may be outrageous (ie: Chicken Tikka Tagliatelle anyone?!) others it can be a pleasant way of bringing tradition to the table in a fresher, revised, way. Burgers and sandwiches are […]