Vegan Black Forest Gateau | Black Forest Cake and Cupcakes


How to make black forest gateau has been a question asked way too many times in my house. Jay loves black forest cake! There is a little bakery that makes vegan cake near me that is sold by the slice, looks FAN-TAS-TIC but… is ridiculously expensive! You can literally purchase a whole non-vegan black forest […]

Shortbread Recipe | How to make Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Chips

how to make shortbread cookies

Shortbread cookies with Chocolate Chips… what to say? Butter and chocolate are both delicious and we can – most of us – agree on that, but when they are together? Simply divine! This is a simple chocolate chip shortbread cookies recipe I like to prepare for Jay as he is a massive butter fan (he […]

5 Ingredients Lemon Cupcakes Recipe | Quick and Easy Lemon Muffins

lemon muffins

Lemon muffin (or Lemon Cupcakes) may be considered as one of the easiest and most mainstream sponges to prepare, yet there is something comforting in having a nice bit of this refreshing dessert. The beauty of having a simple sponge recipe memorized in the back of my head has made so many dinner parties we […]

Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe | Family and Weight-Loss Friendly


This vegan banana bread recipe will change the way you think of vegan desserts!  The sponge of this cake is soft and sweet and it is ideal for a snack or breakfast, and it is prepared with only six ingredients. Banana bread was a very popular cake my mother would bake while I was growing […]

Vegan Chocolate Chip Muffins | Easy Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Chips


Vegan Chocolate Chip Muffins that are easy to make, require little time and few ingredients, and are ridiculously tasty are hard to come by… but you are in luck today! This chocolate sponge is extremely versatile, as the base can also be used for a chocolate chip loaf cake, for a birthday treat, or simple […]

Upside-Down Orange and Chocolate Cake | Quick Family Friendly Chocolate Sponge with Oranges


You will love this orange enriched chocolate cake recipe! Chocolate Cake, anything chocolate actually, is my food obsession. Well, chocolate and cheese, really. If you checked out my Homemade Spiked Vegan Hot Chocolate with Amaretto Recipe, you’ll know what I think of chocolate… there is nothing better, no food that reminds me of my childhood, home, […]

Pear and Almond Crumble with Cardamom Infused Custard


There are few deserts as easy as a crumble to prepare, and this almond and pear crumble is not only that… but also delicious! It tastes like Christmas! My Mom and I went to a lovely farmers’ market a couple of years ago; it was a glorious day and we were surrounded by lavender fields, […]