Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe | Family and Weight-Loss Friendly


This vegan banana bread recipe will change the way you think of vegan desserts!  The sponge of this cake is soft and sweet and it is ideal for a snack or breakfast, and it is prepared with only six ingredients. Banana bread was a very popular cake my mother would bake while I was growing […]

Potato or Aloo Masala Flatbread with Green Chutney | Vegan


Flatbread is the BEST! Why? There are very few things as good as food you can eat with your hands in front of a good movie. Or while socializing. Or… any food you can eat with your hands – end of. I would definitely classify that as one of the great pleasures in life!  There’s […]

Bhature or Bhatura | Homemade Indian Bread


Bhature is so delicious, yet… Homemade bread sound so long and complicated to prepare – especially when we see it served nicely in the restaurant and compare it to our first tries! The truth is, making bread should be easy, quick, and… relaxing! Knitting the dough should almost be an experience… reaching the perfect consistency […]