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Biceps exercises, what a great way to feel like a real bodybuilder!

As for many others, after losing weight I had (and still have) arms that, although strong, feel soft and empty; this, unfortunately, translates into very unflattering bat wings and the only way to get this under control is to make sure the area is targeted properly. 


Going to the gym I have learned to like lifting weights during longer workout sessions, after a total body conditioning class or why not, a salsa aerobics one; the main and most important thing when exercising is to be constant, and when at home I could not be constant, not for lack of will, but for lack of knowledge: what to do for 10 minutes with a pair of dumbbells? How to workout biceps at home? 


That is when I started going through multiple videos on YouTube, some shorter to add at the end of another workout, others longer that feel more complete and are sufficient as a standalone workout. 


What muscles are the biceps? 


The biceps are the muscles that lie on the front part of the upper arm; there are two, one on each arm, and they are located between the shoulders and the elbows. 



How to workout biceps without weights? 


There are multiple videos online that can help with that, but you can find three complete arm exercise workouts without equipment here.



How often should I train my biceps? 


According to studies and PTs, arms can be trained up to five or six times per week, however, the more they are trained during each session, the fewer sessions should you completed, as all muscles need time to rest to ensure no injury is caused and maximum performance is maintained; in any case, before starting any training program, a specialist should be consulted. 

The videos below are some that I have done while looking for a good biceps workout at home; these specifically use dumbbells and weights and I like them particularly because they are well thought through and explained. 


Which one will you go for? 

10 min AT HOME UPPER BODY (Back & Biceps Dumbbell Workout)

This workout is great!


Although it doesn’t concentrate on the biceps only, but also the back, Maddie from MadFit explains everything clearly and calmly. 


The exercises are a mixture of standing ones and lying down on the matt ones; overall a great session as a 10-Minute add-on at the beginning or end of another long workout! 


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20 Min Home Bicep Workout with Dumbbells - Dumbbell Biceps Workout at Home Exercises Mass

This is a great muscle-building video! 


The video is 20 minutes long, but there is a timer (which helps!) and an approximate estimate of the calories burnt; make sure you keep two sets of weights on the side, one lighter and one heavier, so you can switch to one or the other at any point to ensure you can follow through. 


This workout will make you feel the burn and it is so worth it! 


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20 Min BICEP WORKOUT with DUMBBELLS at Home | Caroline Girvan

This video is worth every second! 


Yes, I mean it – do not skip the introduction, as Caroline explains well the do’s and don’ts of the workout and has some very good points!

As she mentions, focus on the quality of the movement, rather than the quantity and you will start to see results quite soon and will avoid issues down the line that may be caused by performing exercises the wrong way. 


The exercises are 40 seconds long each followed by 20 seconds of rest, so a great structure to a workout that is well thought out clearly explained, and without repetitions! 




Which workout will you try? 


Did you try any biceps workouts with dumbbells? If so, please share them here… I’d love to try them out! 



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