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Arms Exercises Videos can sound boring and hard, but…

After years of being overweight and lazy, I was (and still am quite a bit) left with the infamous bat wings! And I am fed up! 

At the beginning of my weight loss, that part of my body felt soft, fluffy, and looked right awful. There are no pleasant ways to describe them (the arms), and I won’t try to make them sound better than they were. 

But, there is always a but! Exercises have helped me firm the skin, grow a bit of a muscle and stop them from looking ridiculous when wearing tank tops (truth be told, I wore long sleeves no matter the weather before starting to lose weight!). 

Try to add Arms Exercises to your routine

Some videos have arms exercises included, some are just full-body workouts, but when you want to concentrate on that specific area, want to have a little add on at the end of a longer workout, or are in a rush, short to the point videos may be just the right thing and here below is my selection of tried and tested! 

As most of my workouts have been found on free platforms, such as PopSugar Fitness, you may find below the video the link for that specific instructor’s website. 

Holly Dolke’s Tone Your Arms Workout - No Equipment (QUICK + INTENSE)

I’ve done this workout so many  times… one suggestion? Take it one step at a time! This workout is short yet intense, and it took me multiple attempts (over the course of months) to finally manage to get through it without lowering my arms (I am still in pain at the end of it!). She has a very uplifting voice, and the exercises are without equipment… how long can you hold it for? 


She’s fun, energetic, and has a beautiful view from her living room, and… her exercises do not require you to keep your arms up for the whole length of the video! She breaks it down, and while working on one arm, the other one is resting, so you feel motivated while managing to follow the whole video and are more likely to keep it up! 

Boho Beautiful’s 5 Minutes Arm Workout For Toning | How To Lose Arm Fat

This video is very relaxing to look at, and her voice is very soothing, but don’t let this Pilates-inspired workout trick you! It is hard, you will feel the burn way before she asks you if you can feel it, but it will be worth it! It is only five minutes long, yet including this exercise as part of your routine or as one of the videos you follow to tone your arms is a great choice! 

Which one of the above is your favorite? I hope you enjoyed them! 


  ~~ Need some inspiration? Move: Exercise at Home

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