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I dream of abs! You can twist it and turn it as you wish, when a big weight loss happens it is very hard to get a flat belly. Nearly impossible I’d say.


No matter how hard I work, how little carbs I eat, I am not happy with my belly, have not been. Ever.

There is absolutely no need in crying around thou, am I right?


So, like for every other part of my shrunken (and on its way to shrunk more – or at least I hope!) body I have surfed the net and looked deep into the Tube and found some excellent videos to follow at home.


I love videos that do not require any equipment and are quick when targeted; as I mentioned previously, I like to use these videos as add-on to longer more fun ones. Oftentimes I like to use these after a longer Salsa Aerobics Workout, of which I shared my favorite videos here!

Abs Workout For Women - Beginners At Home

This girl! I love Holly Dolke’s workout videos. She’s fun, fresh, has a small living room like most of us and started her own journey in a very similar way to many of us (avoiding the gym like a plague). She likes to target beginners, uses no equipment and breaks are included. Enjoy her abs workout!


MadFit will get you madly fit! This video is hard! She targets beginners but get into this workout without thinking you will stay sweatless. All abs muscles are targeted, every move is explained and there are a couple of planks as well, so if staying on your back for too long is not ideal for you – fear not! You may find this challenging also as you get fitter, but if you need to kick it up a notch, play it at 0.75x instead of full speed and feel the burn…

10 Minute Abs Workout - Fitness Blender Abs and Obliques Routine

Remember to breathe through this abs video! Although it may not be as fun or entertaining as the other ones, this one is to the point, extremely effective and well explained. The breaks are short, but the exercises are quite varied so, as long as you keep breathing, this should be fine. No exercises are repeated and FitnessBlender knows how to keep an audience: effective, easy to follow, hard workouts that deliver what they say. End of.


Hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I have (just kidding… they’re hard, I know!). Which one did you prefer? Have you found any other great videos for abs online? I’d like to try them, so please share!

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